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Web site Design that works for you!

At Outdoor Specialty Consulting, we pride ourselves on efficient and cost effective web site design with a consistent mission: to provide our clients with an effective tool to enhance the over-all performance of their business.

Technical design considerations:
It's our belief that most clients are poorly served by a graphics intensive websites that perform poorly on search engines. (We still strive for visually compelling images in appropriate context throughout our site design). We have embraced new web site design principles using cascading style sheets (CSS) that allow us to provide text based menuing and site navigation with nearly the same graphical presentation potential and control as more image based sites at less cost, with better search engine performance, and with more flexibility for future web site growth and less maintence overhead! Our sites can easily expand in a cost effective manner as your web presence grows and justifies additional expense.

User experience & brand development:
We focus on creating attractive, unique, text rich websites that download quickly, provide excellent customer experience, and perform well in search engines (without customer traffic, customer experience is meaningless). Even on the smallest site, we work extensively with our clients to understand their message and values, and to apply these to the site design in a consistent manner that contributes to their long-term brand development. Our responsiveness to client desires is matched by meticulous attention to detail throughout site design, development, and deployment.

Web presence and scale:
Face it, this is the age of the world wide web and google. A very significant demographic group (especially for outdoor retail) uses the internet instead of the phone book white pages and yellow pages. In a phone book white pages analogy, your potential customer knows your business name and enters it (and probably the city name for brick and mortar businesses), in the yellow pages analogy the customer enters any of the many "different" businesses you encompass (for typical outdoor retailers this might include "mountain bike sales", "climbing shop", "outdoor store" and many other similar terms and variations). If your potential customers can't locate you on the first page of their favorite search engine using these sorts of searches, you've probably lost their business. Every website design from Outdoor Specialty Consulting incorporates design principles and market awareness throughout the full scope of site development to maximize site performance for these basic types of searches!

"Simple/Yellow pages" web sites (from $500!):
Most retail businesses that don't have extensive resources to commit to their online presence are best served by a relatively simple website that satisfies basic marketing equivalency to a quality yellow pages advertisement. In this age, few businesses should overlook this basic marketing requirement. We can typically develop an attractive, custom three page site that satisfies this need starting at $500!

"Brochure" web sites:
Certain businesses "internet presence" require something more than a "simple" website but without the commitment inherent in servicing and administering an e-commerce site. You can provide your customers with considerably more information about your business offerings, products, or local events and resources with a brochure site. These sites can can range between 5 or 6 and hundreds of pages. We can design "brochure" sites so that you can easily add and administer portions of the site content within your current employee structure.

E-commerce sites:
Incredible volumes of traditional brick and mortar retail business is now being transacted on the web. If you are interested in establishing an e-commerce presence we can develop your website with a powerful integrated shopping cart, easy product management, and on-line credit card processing. E-commerce sites can range in size from very small sites covering only several pages and products to sites offering thousands of products. We strongly suggest that anyone interested in e-commerce very carefully evaluate their market niche and competition and have a very specific e-commerce business plan, or start with a less committing web presence first!

Call us to discuss how you can increase your internet presence in a cost effective manner.