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POS Sales & Installation

Outdoor Specialty Consulting is a "Value Added Retailer" (VAR) for Ensign Systems POS·IM™ Point of Sales & Inventory Management software.

Purchasing a POS·IM™ point of sale system usually consists of several elements:
    • Purchase or verify suitability of computers & networking hardware
    • Purchase software
    • Purchase appropriate and necessary POS hardware:
       typically includes barcode printers, register receipt printers, cash drawers, and
       barcode scanners.
    • Install & configure POS hardware and software
    • Train management and staff
    • Input store vendor, item, & customer information into POS system
    • Start using POS system in day-to-day operations
    • *Learn best practices with the POS system to decrease labor expenses,
       increase sales, best manage inventory, and maximize ROI and profitability!

Outdoor Specialty Consulting can provide as much or as little assistance as you need to implement each of these steps successfully. Most commonly, the retailer purchases computer and networking hardware and has their local networking expert configure the network. Most retailers purchase POS·IM™ software and POS hardware from Outdoor Specialty Consulting and have us install the system and provide basic training to the staff. The options are limitless from there; our goal is to help make your transition to effective use of POS·IM™ as quick and efficient as possible.

Call us at any time to discuss pricing, hardware, data input & migration, and training options.